Yautja (Ingenium)

The Yautja (ya-OOT-ja) are a species of predatory humanoid from a distant star. They are powerfully built, with mandibles surrounding mouths full of sharp teeth and sharp claws at the ends of their fingers. Yautja have large, domed heads with thick skulls and fleshy "dreadlocks." Their skin is closer to fine reptilian scales than skin, and their coloration is primarily in mottled browns and tans. Some have patterns of quills on their faces and torso. This varies from individual to individual.

Yautja tolerance for temperature has a broader range than humans'. They favor hotter climates, but can survive in arctic temperatures that would kill a human.

Yautja are a two-sexed species, with male and female genders and a mammalian reproductive cycle. They reach physical maturity around 50 years old and can live for thousands of years.

Yautja Statistics

Average Height: 7'6"

Average Weight: 250 lbs.

Average Maximum Age: 4,000 years

Yautja Talents

Thermal Vision: Yautja vision is primarily thermal rather than the visual light spectrum, reaching deep into infrared. They have difficulty discerning objects that match the ambient temperature. However, as heat is more prevalent than light, Yautja are able to see just fine in absolute darkness. Magical darkness doesn't affect them.

Hunter's Agility: All Yautja are able to jump three times their height and fall for up to one hundred feet without ill effect.

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